[kork] by Filippa Lagerbäck is a brand designed by Filippa Lagerbäck. 
Her Swedish origins, a past in the fashion industry and a present in the TV universe as a host, has influenced the style of the product, bringing you a comfortable, yet contemporary sandal made for both indoor and outdoor, everyday wear.
[kork] is an anatomically built sandal that provides support and distributes the bodyweight in a balanced way across the entire sole of the foot. 
The top offers a choice of leather or soft suede for a rugged, practical and comfortable wear with easily adjustable straps for a perfect fit.  Choose the Justine model for an all year round sandal or get cosy in the Barbara model, lined with the softest sheepskin. 
We truly believe that "Comfort is the new black". 
Get Comfy, you deserve it.
[kork] by Filippa Lagerbäck